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Special Order FAQ

  • What is special order?
    Special order allows you to order any Polish pottery item that is currently sold out. When the item is sold out we typically do not restock it until someone requests it. When you special order an item, we ask the factory to make this item for you.

  • How do I place special orders?
    Soon, you will be able to submit your special order online. Until then you must either call us at 888-765-6334 with your selection or send us an email at support@polmedia.com with item numbers you would like to order.

  • Does it cost anything extra to special order an item?
    No it does not. In fact, it often costs less. We frequently run special promotional discounts on special orders. Currently, we are offering 20% off on all special orders.

  • Do I have to pay now or later?
    No payment is required when you place special order, you will pay right before the item is shipped out to you from our warehouse in the USA.

  • Can I combine special order items with in stock items on the same order?
    No. In order for us to better manage your special orders, our system will only allow sold out items to be added to a special order. Special order items take longer to deliver and usually qualify for price discounts.

  • Do I get free shipping?
    Yes. All special orders qualify for free shipping if order total is over $99.

  • How long does it take to get my order?
    It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the factory schedule and their work load. Typically, it has been taking about 4 months from the end of the month in which you place the order to the time you receive the item. Please keep in mind that it takes up to 2 months for the factories to hand-make our order and it takes at least 2 months for the ocean freight from Poland to arrive and clear through customs in the USA.

  • Is it guaranteed that I will receive all of my special order items?
    No. We can only guarantee that we will place an order for your items with the factory promptly. Some factories are very good at making all items that were ordered while others often leave out some items due to various reasons. For example Ceramika Artystyczna and KM usually make all of the ordered items while Zaklady Ceramiczne does not.

  • Will you contact me before you ship my special order?
    Yes. We will contact you when your items arrive to confirm your shipping address, give you an opportunity to add to your order if you wish to do so, and arrange the payment of the remaining amount.

  • How can I monitor the status of my special order?
    You can call us at 888-POLMEDIA (888-765-6334) and we will be happy to provide an update on the status of your order.


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